Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is a very important part of a community. Just as we have hospitals and ambulances for humans, we need animal rescue as well. Animal rescue groups basically are groups in a community that has a goal to make sure all animals are cared for when necessary. For example, when a stray cat is sick, someone has to care for it, because it would be pretty sad and cruel to just let the cat suffer on its own out in the cold. This is where the animal rescue comes in. Their job is to make sure the cat is cared for to the best of their ability. After this, the cat can either be released or put up for adoption.

Animal rescue is not only for normal animals such as cats and dogs… Animal rescue is very common for more extreme animal types such as tigers, gorillas, and penguins. This is due to some of the species at risk of extinction, so it would be wise for people to care for the animals still left of that species. As humans, the dominant species, we have a duty to care for lesser intelligent species (animals) and animal rescue teams are what accomplish this goal! Continuing, you may be wondering where the money comes from that cares for these animals. Well that is a good question, and it varies across the nation and world. Some groups get their money from tax dollars, as everyone in the community pays a small amount to fund the rescue and care of endangered animals. Also, money does come from donations by very generous and wealthy animal lovers that cant bear to see an animal struggle or suffer. Also, some teams are comprised of volunteers, who spend their time helping out animals. This is very helpful, and these people are great for society.